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Ventilation become the killer of human health

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SARS outbreak in 2003, people can not forget. "Prevention of SARS, ventilation is more useful than disinfection", this is the valuable experience gained during sars. Now, SARS has been out of our lives, but the problem of biological pollution has not gone far. Some pathogenic microorganisms easily spread through the air, forming "indoor biological pollution, especially in poorly ventilated, crowded, open air conditioning heating, relatively closed environment, easy to make bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites, etc. microorganisms multiply. Cause the flu, children, the elderly, respiratory asthma and other diseases. This is the biological air pollution.
Beijing Children's Hospital in admissions in children with leukemia, to the family living environment were investigated. Found in most patients with nearly half a year has been decorated rooms, but mostly luxury decoration. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau on the part of the residential area and the office of the sampling shows that the newly renovated room formaldehyde content is generally exceeded, the highest bid 73 times!
The United States "preventive medicine" magazine reported that in the home of the exposure of pollutants is not less than the outside, from the heavy metals to a variety of volatile organic chemicals are. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency to carry out the relevant studies show that the average person in the home of a history of exposure to carcinogenic factors, a record high, compared with 5 to 70 times higher than in the outdoor. Poor ventilation makes a variety of pollutants, including the decoration of pollutants and other non proliferation and dilution, so as to adversely affect human health. Office equipment, furniture, etc., also emit a large number of harmful gases. This is chemical pollution.
Urban outdoor air in the dust, pollen, floating floc, noise, indoor moisture, odors, smoke, also let desire high quality of life of the people become more and more difficult to bear, the more repair the wide road, more and more motor vehicles, day and night stream, the ventilation window get fresh air pay a higher price. These are physical pollution.
For energy saving considerations, the building's air tightness is greatly improved, which brings the air pollution incident frequency, and the 1200000 commercial buildings in the United States, according to statistics, 25000000 of the staff of the building syndrome". Japan has 30/100's disease building. According to Shanghai experts estimate that in the office staff in the prevalence of about 25/100, there are 200000 people in Shanghai. In the World Health Organization has released the report, it has been with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, etc., together with the human health of the top 10 killer black list.
China Ministry of health last February to April organized to carry out the national public places focus on air-conditioning ventilation system health status supervision and inspection, the results were surprising: the country has a total of more than 60 cities have centralized air conditioning facilities 937 public places, including hotels, large shopping malls, supermarkets, testing samples 5600. Which belong to a serious pollution of the centralized air conditioning ventilation system has 47.1%, accounting for 441 of the total number of sampling, medium pollution 438, accounting for 46.7% of the total sampling, qualified 58, accounting for 6.2% of the total number of sampling. Beijing Municipal Health Bureau also last year, three to 80 public places in Beijing about the central air conditioning sanitation status of spot checks, the results of 90% are serious pollution.
Although there are many ways to remove air pollution, can reduce the pollution sources, can be adsorbed to kill, can filter and activated carbon adsorption, in a specific situation, it is also necessary to solve the program. But indoor air quality experts pointed out that the most effective way to improve indoor air quality is ventilation. The fresh air that nature has created in the thousands of years of nature can not be copied.
According to the March 1, 2003 national indoor air quality standards for the implementation of the provisions of the national indoor air quality standards: 30 cubic meters per person per hour of fresh air.
But to ensure healthy indoor air, breathing the fresh air, ears quiet in indoor work, study and life has become more and more luxury in the city.
American Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute survey shows that many factors affect the indoor air quality, indoor air may affect human health in several major factors, the air pollution accounted for 18%, indoor air pollution accounted for 3.5%, building components accounted for 48%.
So, what is the cause of the ventilation is not smooth?
Xu Wei, director of the Institute of air conditioning in China to reflect on the current building, in the past, the construction of the air conditioning system in the design of a simple emphasis on cooling and heating, ignoring the requirements of air quality, air conditioning air exchange rate is only 0.54. At present, the United States of America's public buildings per hour, the average volume of 50 cubic meters per hour, compared with the average amount of domestic public construction is less than half of Europe and the United states.
And modern buildings in the complex building structure leads to no drafts, to natural ventilation, can only take artificial ventilation systems. Due to the cost of ventilation system and operation control, coupled with many people on the ventilation and health of the closely related knowledge, especially in crowded public places and places of entertainment, ventilation is far less than the health requirements.
Now a lot of public buildings, office developers only take care of the lighting, often to the window into a dead window or push pull type of semi open window, block or reduce the flow of natural wind in the room, so the design has reduced the previous investment, but in 2003 the SARS epidemic process, due to most of the circulation air conditioning is deactivated, the problem is very prominent.
Another more noteworthy phenomenon is that some real estate and office space for speculation, it is