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Kemeida row: "wind" solution "hot" new choice of healthy environment

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News source: China
As we all know, environment and life are closely related, the influence of the environment to the people's life in all aspects of life. With the concept of environmental protection, people's demands on the environment are becoming more and more high. Fresh, flowing air, good and comfortable environment, is beneficial to people's health, reduce the spread of disease, but also can make people live more pleasure, work more efficient, more relaxed mood when entertainment. But you can still see, many crowded places, in the selection and use of ventilation equipment, usually is not reasonable, or ageing disrepair, unable to air purification effect.
How to create a good and healthy environment? Kemeida professional manufacturer of ventilation equipment, to create a healthy environment mission, painstaking research and development of a variety of products to meet market demand, create their own brand, is committed to become a good "Environmental Steward, gradually in the industry to emerge.
Based on science and technology, environmental protection
Kemeida regarded as the lifeline of science and technology. The company introduced the advanced technology of Europe and equipped with a complete production workshop to cooperate in production, with a full set of production equipment, testing equipment and dynamic balance testing, equipped with a number of well-trained professional and technical personnel and management team, to increase the development of enterprise products. Sultry, peculiar smell, smoke and other problems for some factories, Internet cafes and other public places, section Mita use air convection, negative pressure ventilation, water curtain cooling ventilation cooling principle, design and development the most energy saving type negative pressure suction fan, install the exhaust fan can be immediately workshop interior stagnant real exhaust gas in the shortest period of time quickly exhausted to the outside, achieve cooling, ventilation and air change times per hour can up to 60-120 times, significant function. Mida fan series are used CAD / CAM design, with low noise, large volume, low energy consumption, smooth operation, long service life and efficiency higher characteristic, dustproof, waterproof, beauty is best choice for modern plant cooling ventilation.
Kemeida to strong technical force as the basis, development and production of "energy saving and Environmental Protection Bureau Metroplex air-conditioning" and other series of products, fit the contemporary society to promote the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, to win the trust and favor from customers both at home and abroad. The "air-conditioning energy saving and environmental protection" for innovative design won a number of national patents, is achieved Kemeida in to create a professional brand on the road of a fruit.
Honesty, customer first
"If a company's products have no stable quality, they have no vitality." It is aware of this, Kemeida pay close attention to product quality, strict control of each link of production, attaches great importance to the quality of management. "China quality credit enterprise" honor the acquisition is to Kemeida "quality first, customer first" business philosophy.
"The customer is the source of enterprise development, only with the customer to obtain a win-win situation, the enterprise can really get the sustainable development." Kemeida leader Mr. Zhang said. As ventilation cooling equipment industry experts, section Mita in addition to research and development, production and sales of products, for customers to provide professional ventilation cooling the planning and design and installation, win the praise of many customers and improve the quality of service. Company is also actively developing new products, new series, to achieve product diversification, also in the market to achieve fair competition, winning by quality, to avoid misunderstanding of low price competition, for our customers to provide more and better products, sincere return customers.
Kemeida sales network across the country and abroad, excellent product quality and quality after-sales service to make it in the fierce market competition come to the fore, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kuwait and other foreign customers are on Kemeida products praise with.
Brand promotion, leading the market
Accurate grasp of the pulse of the times, to the leading edge of the market. At present, the environmental problem has been a focus of global concern, environmental protection and energy conservation is imperative. According to reports, Kemeida in development planning for 2011, will vigorously promote the new energy-saving products, a for environmental protection air conditioning, it on the basis of the original increased automatic cleaning function, the automatic discharging of the air inside the dirt can be, and improves the performance of the product; another paragraph is energy-saving hot blast furnace, namely the original to use diesel machine, the use of bio energy, environmental protection and energy saving, and the cost is only one third of the diesel, in one fell swoop purposes. Advanced concept technology and environmental protection will seize the opportunities in the market to boost Kemeida fan.
Enough publicity is the key to the rapid development of enterprises. The current market economy development in full swing, the industry competition is becoming more and more big, good products also need to work hard in the promotion. Kemeida through a variety of channels will be the promotion of products out, including cooperation with print media, such as domestic famous newspaper Chongqing Three Gorges Metropolis Daily signed a cooperation agreement with; but also focus on propaganda network, invested in Alibaba, Baidu, Google and the largest B2B platform and search engine aggressive advertising, Kemeida will also use buses and other mobile media advertising products, brand promotion battle is very strong.
New technology and environmental protection, the quality of the credibility of security. Kemeida, committed to create a good environment for health and comfort, to build a better life.